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Chances are, You've Come to Us Through a Referral from a Satisfied Client Who Knows We're the Solution Providers Across Varied Industries and Challenges. Whether Your Needs are Short-Term Advice or a Long-Term Partnership, We're Eager to Connect with High Performers Like You. Let's Meet to Discuss Your Unique Situation and Explore the Possibilities for Success.

Sale of a Power Company

When We First Engaged, the Seller Had a Soft Offer in Hand. Through Our Dedicated Efforts and Full-Time Assistance, We Achieved a Remarkable Outcome – Selling for More Than Double the Initial Offer. But Our Commitment Was not Finished. We Continued to Support in the 180-Day Follow-Up Phase, Ensuring That All Aspects of the Sale, Including SPA Financials and Contract Details, Remain on Course Until Every Small Detail was Finalized.

Division Spin Off

As part of a corporate reorganization aimed at facilitating further growth, we encountered anti-trust issues due to the scope of the re-org. The solution was to spin off one of the divisions into a newco. The newco required assets to be logically assigned to it, a new corporate structure to be established, new systems and processes to be put in place, supplier agreements to be negotiated, and more.

Patent Protection Restructuring

The company’s patents and other IP were at risk due to a split between shareholders. Ultimately a multi year buy-out of the shares and a cash infusion from a third party facilitated the shift. During the due diligence some shift to systems processes were identified and implemented.

Corporate Restructuring

The company's patents and other intellectual property (IP) were at risk due to a split between shareholders. Ultimately, a multi-year buy-out of the shares and a cash infusion from a third party facilitated the transition. During the due diligence, we identified and implemented necessary shifts in systems and processes, and provided the solution that ensured the protection and preservation of the company's valuable IP.

Industry Pivot

The company realized a shift in the industry was necessary as their sales had declined significantly. With substantial manufacturing capacity and infrastructure, we played a pivotal role in facilitating the transition from producing mechanical products to precision electronics manufacturing.

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