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Solutions Consultant

Past Consulting

Most likely you have been referred to us by someone who we have worked with, and they said we should talk. Across multiple industries and directions... we provide solutions. Happy to meet to discuss your situation. it may be a longer-term fit. It may just need a bit of advice. Either way, we love to connect with high performers.

Sale of a Power Company

The Seller had a soft offer in hand when we started talking. In the end, we ended up on a full-time basis assisting and ultimately sold for a little more than double the initial offer. The 180 day follow up to ensure all SPA financials and contract pieces are still in progress.

Division Spin Off

As part of a corporate reorganization to facilitate further growth we faced some anti trust issues due to the scope of the re-org. The solution was to spin off one of the divisions into a newco. The newco needed assets assigned to it in a logical way, a new corporate structure, new systems processes, suppliers’ agreements and more.

Patent Protection Restructuring

The company’s patents and other IP were at risk due to a split between shareholders. Ultimately a multi year buy-out of the shares and a cash infusion from a third party facilitated the shift. During the due diligence some shift to systems processes were identified and implemented.

Corporate Restructuring

Success caused the company to grow very quickly, yet it was managed the same way when it had 5 employees as its current state of 100+ employees. The systems processes were relying on a few key employees who were nearing retirement. ultimately the restructuring kept the majority of the work force, reduced expenses by 37% and increased output efficiencies.

Industry Pivot

Company realized a shift in industry was needed as their sales had dropped off. They had significant manufacturing capacity and infrastructure. We assisted in a transition from making mechanical products to precision electronics manufacturing.

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