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Industrial Commercial Investment Advisor, Business consultant and extreme sports athlete

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I was asked if I 'was living' a long time ago. At first my reaction was simple ‘of course I am living life’. After all I was going out with friends, heading to the mountains on weekends… yet something was missing. The question kept nagging at me. It took years to find the answer to the question I hadn’t realized I was asking myself; I wasn’t living. I was going through the motions of life.

Life was a routine. I told myself that I was happy. I would go to work at my typical 9-5 job, commute home, have supper and then use my free time. This meant watching TV or going to a restaurant, pub or other normal urban activities. I had a solid 4hrs of time to myself once I was done work and the commute. I was always excited for Fridays (TGIF!) and would plan out what I would do to keep my life ‘fun’. But deep down I wanted more...

So I did something about it! Along this journey I had many succesful people help me and now it is my turn to help others. Mutual benefit is the only way to live this life.

Extreme Sports Business Ventures Commercial Real Estate

In Addition I also have business and personal Interests in:


My passion is falling out of airplanes and off stuff. I also love speedflying, mountain climbing and a variety of other sports! I am always happy to talk about the adventures! Reach out!


Have a project that needs or should have aerial photography? These guys not only fly drones, they know cinematography. Getting the 'wow' reaction is the key to effective marketing, so why do what eberyoneelse is doing? Reach out!


There are so many interesting opportunities that it is often a challenge to focus. We can help with the direction and if the numbers make sense can invest in or find funding for a wide variety of projects. Reach out!


Commercial real estate investing is clean. What is in the lease is what applies. Your tennants do not have the ability stay for years without paying rent, all while you have to keep covering expenses. Studying for decades has taught me a lot about how to protect yourself and your investments. It's not just about buying and leasing. Its about the numbers, knowing build costs, knowing TI costs, knowing tax implications and corporate structures. Reach out!


Having a good business gives you a job. Having a brand allows exponential growth, far past what you can achieve on your own. The right market position and the right message are critical to eventually achieve that stress free business that all entreprenur books seem to talk about. Reach out!


It is not enough to help yourself. At first that was the focus but eventually you lose interest and lose purpose. By finding those who want to help themselves and assisting in any way that plays to our strengths we, together, can achieve what is well beyond what the collective sums of each of us. Encouragement and opportunity creates success. Reach out!


Want to expand your business? let our expertise work for you! Working as a consultant on your project, investor or just to talk ideas through we are always happy to hear new ideas! Reach out!


Want to or need to speak in front of crowds of people? We have your back. Having spent many years in front of crowds of hundreds and thousands we understand. Lets get you up and in front! Reach out!


Modern Business cannot succeed without websites and an online presence. Not only can we help with the business side, we also help with the online side. Want to know how? lets talk. Reach out!


As said to the left, social media is not a part of business, it is survival of the business. Exposure is conversions and conversions are sales. Sounds simple but how to go from words to action? lets talk! Reach out!


Want to book some travel? Talk to the group that has been to most of the world between them. Travel became a business after years of travelling themselves. Afterall, do you want the person who can book that cruise or the one who have been on that specific ship and knows all the pros and cons? Saving $100 and having a poor experience isnt worth it. Talk to the experts!


This business has been around for more then 20 years, that only happens with good quality. They create the embroidery file as part of the service instead of charging extra. With everything done in house they save time and money. Reach out! Silk Screening and embroidery are just a few of the services. Reach out!


Need a renovation? These guys are fast and do high quality work. In the Okanagan there are lots of people and companies that do construction, but finding reliability both in quality and timing is key. These guys get it done on time, on budget and hassle free. Reach out!


The area is beautiful! So why not see it from the air? Helicopters have always been seen as only a rich mans toys but thats not the case. Want to really stand out on your anniversary? How about having a picnic in a meadow overlooking the valley? Then hop back into the helicopter and head to a winery. Friends, clients and/or family, it creates a lasting memory! Reach out!


Looking to take your home or business from meh to wow? These guys have a decade worth of referals to back up what they do. What is inside your space can completely transform the look and feel. Reach out!


Interested in selling your business but it is not at its higher potential? Business Incubation is a new concept to the Okanagan but has been used globally for decades. I work with a group of experts who are all industry experts in various fields. Drawing on this expertise we can increase the efficiency and margins of your business to prep it to sell. Reach out!


Feeling overwhelmed by the scope and workload of your project? After years of coordinating many high level projects we have developed an effective methodology to break down the work into managable units and create effeciencies that allow you to refocus on the big picture and get ahead of issues rather then reacting to them on a regular basis. Reach out!

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