Chris Kotscha

Business consultant, real estate advisor and extreme sports athlete

business consulting

Small business consulting for the Okanagan

Chris and team are experts in preparing business plans, strategic planning, budgets, governement contracts and business cases. If you want to obtain financing for your business or project, you must have a professionally prepared business plan. If you want to win that bid, you must know the ins and outs of the Release for proposal (RFP) methods of procurement.

Are you working too many hours... and wish you weren't? Do you wish you could delegate to someone else ...... but there just isn't the capacity? Do you need a $100,000 professional ...... but don't want that kind of expense? ...... Thats what we do! Small business consulting with big results. We help you to overcome the barrier ... between work required and time available.

Bring in an expert helper you can trust ... for the time you need ... two, four or six days a month. Someone who understands and really cares about your business ... as much as you do. A problem shared is a problem halved ... then solved.

We can help you with practical small business plans, business consulting and technology consulting to help your business increase its efficiency, effectiveness and earnings.


Let's work together!

I am always available to meet new clients.

public speaking

Public Speaking and people dynamics


In life we quite often will say or hear "I can't do that".

All I hear in those words is: "I'm not willing to try". It's very easy to say "can't" and hope that others will do stuff for you. Unfortunately "can't" is a very dangerous word as it creates a limitation in what you can achieve. If you wait for others to do the work for you then you'll never learn how to do it yourself, you will never grow.

We show you how to challenge yourself with something that seems impossible. What you'll find is there is nothing that you cannot achieve as long as you are willing to keep trying. We show you how to push through the self-doubt, how to start suceeding.

Social Interactions

Have you ever seen someone walk into a room and suddenly everyone pays attention to them? What drew them to notice this person?

Some people just seem to possess an ease about them that projects success, and this indication of that success causes others want to meet them. Were they born that way? Or did they LEARN it?

You may not be a natural in a crowd, you may get nervous meeting new people and that is ok. We can teach you how to gain the bearing that shows success. It's not what you wear, it's not what you own, this social attraction can be achieved by anyone with the right tools.


Coffee? Or lets fall out of an airplane together, either works for me!